scorpia by Anthony Horowitz

December 13, 2010
By rabbitjacks BRONZE, Porter, Indiana
rabbitjacks BRONZE, Porter, Indiana
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What if you found out that one of your loved ones had a deep dark side? Or that you have a huge responsibility, and the consciences were very severe if he failed to finish his task, the death of his friend’s family and many other strangers. Anthony Horowitz does a very good job in the writing of Scorpia. Is the fifth book in the Alex Rider series so you should most likely read the books in order but if you have already read up to now and wanted to know if the next book is worth the read? Well it is. If you’ve ever read any of Horowitz writing you wouldn’t be surprised by the quality of this book. But anyways lets get back to the book its self this book Is told in third person. Alex Rider a teen agent for a secret organization in England. He again is encountered with a problem that turns into a mission from his agency his fifth now and of course like always he doesn’t really want to go. Well in this unfortunate meeting with a terrorist he is told to go to Scorpia a terrorist group where he is told that his father was once a part of before his horrible death. Driven by his want to find out more about his father and pushed by his organization he is sent to find out what is going on under cover. Well he has to decide what side is true what side is wrong while finding out the great threat to his city and his country he is betrayed, he beaten, and throne down a long dark path will he find the truth save the lives of his country find out in Anthony Horowitz’s Scorpia.

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