Timelock by David Klass

December 14, 2010
By derekjm15 SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
derekjm15 SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
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The Final Journey

Jack Danielson will take you wildly into the future in Timelock. It is the third book of David Klass’s Caretaker Trilogy, and it has the fastest story line of them all. The reader never has time to stop reading with all the thrill and excitement. If you are looking for fantasy, extraordinary events, action, and emotion, then Timelock is the book for you.

Jack wants to be ordinary again. He now has an average job, an apartment, and a beautiful girlfriend. He is tired of saving the world, full filling his destiny, and being from the future. All those things he cannot seem to get away from. But once again, in the beginning of Timelock, he is swept away from his average life because his father is in danger. The Dark Army has taken him hostage, and the People of Dann need him back in order to fight them off, in what is going to be the last battle of this war from the future. Jack is sent to the future to save his father in an impossible way. If he does that, they go back to present time. If that doesn’t go wrong, they have to fight the Dark Army. And if they win, the Earth will be saved from destruction.

Timelock is essential to the trilogy because it is the last journey. It is Jack’s final battle. It can be read without reading the first two books, however, you will be so hooked you will have no choice but to read the whole trilogy. David Klass’s writing style is easy to read, and easy to relate to since it is written in first person with Jack as the narrator. As you read you will feel the emotions, and picture whats happening. It takes you into your imagination in certain ways. It will help you escape into a different realm of thought. It keeps you on your toes waiting ‘till the end, but you won’t want the action to ever stop.

Go get this book from your library, or bookstore, and read it! You will not regret it, no matter what age you are. Jack is eighteen years old, but even middle aged readers would relate to it. If you want action, emotion, thrill, and fantasy, then the only thing to do is read Timelock. So go on, take this ride to the future with Jack, and see what is possible in the world of imagination!

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