The Lost Hero

December 14, 2010
By Anonymous

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan is a stupendous book that has adventure around every corner. This book is fiction and relates to a lot of Mythology. The story has many settings, the main ones are the Grand Canyon, Camp Half-Blood, and California. Jason wakes up on a bus on the way to the grand canyon, not knowing who or what he is. He can’t remember his best friend Leo Valdez or his girlfriend, Piper McLean. The main characters of the book are;

Jason- For his situation everything is discombobulated and he can’t remember anything from his past. After a short time at Camp he realizes that he is much different from the others. He keeps referring to the gods to their Roman names, not Greek. Everyone is suspicious about his Roman referring.

Piper- Her father is a famous actor who has gone missing a few days and has been having terrifying nightmares about him. The nightmares have been telling her to betray her friends or else her father will die at the hands of a giant.

Leo- Leo has always felt sad and left out after his mother’s death that was blamed on him. He has always been skilled with machines and tools. When he arrives at Camp and notices that others have the same skill has he has. He feels very welcome and safe.

During the field trip many odd things happen to them, they are attacked by ventis (wind spirits), finds out their gym teacher is a centaur, and learns that he can control wind. That is only the beginning of their troubles. They are rescued and returned to a camp called Camp Half-Blood, where they try to convince them that they are demigods, half god, half human. They are sentenced on a quest where they are expected to die. They face many more challenges. King Midas, Giants, Wind Gods, and Mother Earth are all aiming to kill the 3 demigods during the quest.

I’ve read some very good books before and this is most certainly up there. The best thing about it is that you hate to put it down. It got my attention from the very first page, making you read more into it. It does this throughout the book. Rick Riordan did a absolutely fabulous job on this book. He just has a great style of writing that I love. I love how he describes areas, it makes it feel as if your in the book yourself watching the scene. An example is, “a massive ruin of red and gray stones and rough-hewn timber beams.” Another thing I liked about his writing was that he was magnificent in describing what people looked like. For example; “Leo looked like a latino Santa’s elf, with curly black hair, pointy ears, a cheerful, babyish face, and a mischievous smile...” I would not second guess recommending this book to anybody. Any body that can read would love this book.

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lol I agreed I loved that book i have started reading his other book becuase of it I even got my little brother to read one of his book trust me that is big lol good job


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