The short second life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

December 13, 2010
By Miss.K SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
Miss.K SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
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Heart is broken, soul is closed, feelings spoken, nothing left... I dont see myself tomorrow without you...Cant move on without you...But i know one thing for sure, wherever you are, i will always be in your heart and i will always be waiting for you.

This is the short, and probably, the last novel of Stephenie Meyer, continuing the Twilight Saga. According to the storyline of Eclipse, “told” by Bella Swan, Victoria (red evil vampire) wanted a revenge for her boyfriend. She decided to gather a group of young vampires to get her. But, being a very wise one, she would never let “good” vampires know, who stands for Bella’s hunting. That is why, she puts Riley as a leader of new vampires to find Bella and defeat Cullen family. The main feature of red young vampires is strength and never ending thirst for fresh blood. Young vampires don’t care about others and the only thing that gives them drive is animal instincts. It seems that Riley is in the head of every their action, the truth is, Victoria is still a main leader, and she plays with Riley like with a toy. He is just a chess figure, and she is a player. Victoria gave Riley orders, and his role was just to make them and to lead stupid infants-vampires.

This book was “told” by Bree Tanner, a young girl-teenager, who was forced to turn into a red vampire. She barely remembers her own life, all she knows about herself now is extra powerful senses, superhuman reflexes, and growing unstoppable physical strength. Now she has a thirst for blood, now she has a new “family” of vampires like her. However she is the one who stayed in her own mind and who knew that something was going wrong. First of all, Bree describes the tactic that Riley had chosen to get Bella: “ was a great risk for offsprings”. He just let them go into attack. There was a vision of “plan”, but in reality, it didn’t exist. True leader would never say: “Whoever gets her first gets dessert.” It was quite obvious that Riley wanted to get the girl himself. Even in this situation, he just though he would get the girl, as it was already mentioned before, Victoria would kill Riley in the end and get the girl. In this case, she would be perfectly covered by red vampires and Riley. Which, actually, happened. Cullen family couldn’t suspect Victoria in killing Bella. We remember, that Alice has a power of seeing plans of others. Victoria had chose Riley, because no one have never seen him before, and, obviously, no one could “get” in his head, especially Alice.

Bree is frightened, she is completely lost. Sometimes she gets flashbacks from her old normal human life, which makes her stop and think about her “behavior”. But most of the time, animal instincts lead her to get a “lamb”. Unfortunately, in the end, this poor girl was killed by Volturi. Some say, they wish, the girl would be alive, some say she got her payback...Here we cannot judge the author.

While reading the book, not everyone gets excited, because, basically you re-read what had happened in previous books. Anyway, you can also learn something new about red young vampires, and, you also can see what made Riley and Victoria act like that.

The author's comments:
I actually was not so thrilled with this novel. Maybe because I've read all the books from this series...Anyway, enjoy reading and I hope you liked my review.

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