The Alchemyst by Michael Scott This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

November 28, 2010
By , Anoka, MN
The Alchemyst by Michael Scott is like a flower. A little rough in the beginning but then it gets amazing as it goes on and then at the end, it’s a big cliff hanger which will make you want to read the next book.

It starts off really normal. Sophie and Josh, twin brother and sister, are working. Sophie notices a smell, just like sulfur. She thought it was the tea at the shop where she was working because there is usually many unusual smells, but then looking across the street, she saw many flashing lights. Josh works across the street from her at a bookshop. A short man walks in asks for Nicholas, the owner. When they see each other, Nick instantly recognizes him. That’s when everything changes. Nick and the man, Dr.Dee, start fighting but not with their fists, with magic. Before Dr.Dee leaves, he catches Perenelle, Nick’s wife, by surprise, and takes her captive, also he takes a very special book with him. The book of Abraham the Mage, was created a long time ago and has many spells and prophecies in it. This book could destroy the world as we know it. One very special spell is the immortal spell . The spell changes every month and needs to be taken every month or that person would grow old very fast. Nick and Perenelle take this, and now that Dr.Dee has it, they are going to grow old fast. When they use magic, they grow older even faster. Along the way, Nick realizes that the twins could be the ones that are prophesied about. So, that makes it even harder for them because now they have to find someone to awaken their powers and stay away from Dr.Dee.

This book was magnificent. I never wanted to put it down. Before I did not read much fantasy, but my friends recommended it to me and now I recommend it to everyone else who does not really like fantasy or does.

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