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November 26, 2010
By jalsaied SILVER, Fort Irwin, California
jalsaied SILVER, Fort Irwin, California
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Looking for an exciting new book? Try out the Swedish series by Stieg Larsson, beginning with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. This story set near Stockholm follows the lives of lovers Mikael BlomĀ­kvist and Erika Berger, and an introverted yet intelligent Lisbeth Salander.

Working for Milton Securities, this young woman battles to take her life back from the misguided authorities that care for her. Since youth, she's been thrown from home to home, landing eventually at St. Stefan's, a hospital for the mentally ill. But what most don't know about Lisbeth is how genuinely amazing she is with technology. From in-depth analyses to money laundering systems, she could tell you exactly what you were doing at 4:34 p.m. two weeks ago. Yet, how exactly is she tied to Mikael?

This unlucky journalist, working for the acclaimed magazine Millennium, has been charged with slandering one of the greatest businessmen in history and is going to jail for it. With his career in ruins and his lover, Erika, engaged in Millennium's matters, Mikael certainly does not expect the sudden phone call from millionaire Henrik Vanger. Turns out he wants Mikael to figure out who killed Harriet Vanger, the heir to his successful group of companies.

Mikael tracks down Lisbeth, and both use cunning, force, and technology to help them find Harriet's murderer and keep themselves alive. Read this enthralling tale to find out how the plot coalesces into a substance of beauty. Be sure to read the rest of the series!

The author's comments:
This series is just the type of book you will want to read if you're looking for a subtle action with death-defying twists, scoundrels, and just a taste of Swedish life.

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