Misery by Stephen King

November 16, 2010
By Avidreaderandwriter GOLD, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Avidreaderandwriter GOLD, Dutch Harbor, Alaska
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By: Stephen King

As I began to read this slow spiraling book, I got sucked into the intense physiological plot-line. The main characters, and pretty much the only two, Paul Sheldon, and Annie Wilkes. Are two of the most opposite people. Annie, an insane woman, obsessed with Paul’s book series, The Misery Novels. This lady actually believes that the main character, Misery is a real person.

At the beginning of the book, Paul wakes up in Annie’s home, with a strange painful sensation below his middle. His legs were severely damaged as the result of his horrific car accident. Annie had discovered him in a snow bank, in his car. Ironically, his number one fan, and also one suffering from catalepsy, found him. From there, he suffers major physical and emotional pain.

This woman, an R.N. (registered nurse) has the sudden urge to encage this poor innocent author. She not only tends him with tender love and care, but with major painful attempts of forcing him to do what she wants. She does horrid things, such as, make him sip water from an dirty bucket, witness her squeezing a mouse to death, and even cutting a few bodies parts off, then tending to the wounds as if he was a helpless little five year old while gazing a “loving maternal gaze.” As he described it.

In this book, he is forced to do things that are indescribable. Forced to ruin a book manuscript that required two years worth of work. And now that Annie has blackmailed him with his book, and only life line, Annie.

Later in the book, and several times throughout , Paul attempts to escape from his room, while Annie had taken off in one of her temper tantrums, that she throws throughout the book. While entrapped in a wheel chair, he still finds his mischievous ways of sneaking out of his locked room, either in attempt to get some food, or steal away more of his Novril pills, that kept away the pain most of the time.

In one of his escapes he discovers things that will make your mind spin with doubt that an innocent little woman, could do such vile and repulsive things to innocent people. In the end I read with excitement to find what would happen to Annie in the end. Would she finally receive what she deserved?

This book is a book full of intense physiological threads that lead far back. It is packed with gore that will make you want to vomit, and I promise it will keep you turning the pages, and never want to put the book down. I give this book a thumb and half up, and four stars. Bravo Stephen, you have finished yet another horrific tale.

The author's comments:
Assignment for English class on a book that I read ... a while back. I love it, it's so original and and and and... scary.

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Ian Hanthorn said...
on May. 7 2014 at 8:26 pm
Ian Hanthorn, Cincinnati, Ohio
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To those who enjoy horrific and insanity filled things, this is the book for you! I am captivated by the darkness and unspeakable things that happen. Annie Wilkes, has found Paul Sheldon in a snow drift after he crashed in a snowstorm, his legs are shattered beyond recognition and cannot move.  Paul is the author of her favorite books, and she thinks the main character, Misery, is real. Upset by the fact that he “killed” her in his last book, he makes him write a new one just for her.   We soon learn that this nurse is absolutely insane. When angered, she will punish Paul, in awful, horrific ways. At first it wasn’t that bad, after complaining, she made him drink water from a nasty bucket of filth after punching his broken bones. Getting more and more angry and upset when she finds that Paul has found a way to escape his room that she locks him in. She cuts off one of his feet with an axe and cauterizes the wound with a blowtorch. When he complained about a broken key on a typewriter, she cut off one of his thumbs with an electric knife.   The more I read, the more terrified and sucked in I became. Annie commits her first murder that Paul witnesses when a state trooper shows up, she greets him then stabs him repeatedly with a sharpened cross. This is where Annie will fall. The climax of the book was extremely suspenseful and had me cheering, freaking out, and in terror the entire time. I look awfully amusing while reading it.     This is certainly no family friendly book to read. That, is what makes it so perfect. As with any Stephen King book, this book is very well written and flows perfectly. Everything makes sense, there are vivid descriptions, it’s all amazing. I love this book, as will any thriller/horror fan!  


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