Ghost Hunter by Michelle Paver

November 15, 2010
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Over the summer I read a fantastic book called Ghost Hunter. This book was the concluding installment to the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness. These books take place in an old time where clans rule and every clan lives and hunts differently. In the middle of all this a boy called Torak, who is in the wolf clan. He has an abnormal ability to speak to wolves and sprit walk, which means he can go into other peoples bodies. He also has been chosen by a prophecy to kill the evil mage who is trying to destroy the clans. In his adventures to complete his task he has a wolf brother and a girl called Ren and together the attempt to track down and kill the evil mage before she demolishes society.
The book is action packed exciting book. I have enjoyed every moment in the series. It keeps you reading until your eyes water and you have paper cuts on your fingers. There is so much suspense that you wish you could find out what happened next but you cant read any faster. There is so much suspense because Michelle Paver draws you in. You can tell something is going to happen, and it makes you uppity but you still don’t know that is going to happen until it does. Another great thing about the book is at some sections you are reading and suddenly something happens. This is the opposite of suspenseful but it still gives you a jolt. I think if you read this book you always need to be on your toes.
Michelle Paver describes things beautifully in this book. She talks about the forest, as if it was her own home. She discusses how a wolf feels as it runs with the wind in its face and the feeling of grass. These are some things we take advantage of today. We don’t think about what is around us and what we feel, hear, see, or smell it just comes naturally to us. But her book made me appreciate things more in the world. Sometimes you need to stop what you are doing and look around you and see the beauty of this earth.
Although I love this book, I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s for everyone. I think this is more of a boy book because of the action and the adventure but there is a love story involved in it with Torak and Ren because they are together all the time. I feel this book could have many themes but the one I get out of it is courage and love. I think of courage because Torak and Ren young teenagers have to fight for the sake of the world. I think of love because of the love Torak and Ren share as well as the love for the forest shown by all the characters.

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