Silver is for Secrets

November 17, 2010
By , Chuluota, FL
Have you ever thought that maybe a color can stand for something in general? Like maybe silver is for secrets, blue is for nightmares and white is for magic. But in this particular review I will discuss the color silver. It is shiny, and the color of several coins. But did you ever think it could stand for secrets? Maybe behind the shiny cover there is a load of secrets waiting to be unveiled.

In “Silver is for Secrets”, by: Laurie Faria Stolarz, an 18 year old girl decides to have a relaxing stay at a beach house by the soothing beach. Than one day, a girl named Clara comes and asks if some of her old friends are staying at their cabin. None of the guests, Stacey, P.J, Jacob, Chad, Amber or Drea, know that this will be one of the most changing days of their lives. Stacey shakes Clara’s hand and can sense danger within one touch. You see Stacey has special magic powers. Like potions, and stuff but also the power to dream before things happen. She dreams that night about Clara. Stolarz did an exquisite job making sure to include every detail about her dream very precisely. Than she starts having dreams almost everyday, each one with wonderful detail involved. The dreams give more and more clues to when, where and how Clara’s death will take place.
Stacey’s boyfriend, Jacob, is having dreams also. Not just dreams, though: nightmares. But he doesn’t want to add more to her stress level so he is keeping more and more secrets. They are still deeply in love but they are flowing more and more apart. It is amazing how a relationship can be perfect one second and terrible the next. In this book, Stolarz adds a lot of relationship dilemmas. Drea and Chad, PJ and Clara, Stacey and Chad. The date of Clara’s death comes more and more closer. Everybody decides to take a break and join a cruise ship with some “frat boys” and lots of other guests. After a night of back massaging and candles, Jacob and Stacey fall asleep in each other’s arms. When Stacey wakes up Jacob has disappeared. The only this left on the floor was a note. The last piece of evidence of Jacob.
In my opinion, I think that Stolarz did a great job. In some parts, like in chapter 36, she changes our gear by adding some schoolgirls that only care about themselves. Which, I thought was totally an inaccurate stage for the moment. But other than that, she did an awesome job adding details, proper wording, etc. This story was very inspirational to me, and I loved it.

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