Antigone by Sophocles

November 10, 2010
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In Antigone by Sopocles,a dramatic story in witch a king and his son Creon, king of Thebes was a great leader, with a son named Haimon and a wife named Euryclice.

Creon was pulled in conflicting directions by two compelling ambitions. First starting when Haimon kills his other son. He didn’t know this had happened. Then, was when Creon blamed Antigone for the killing of his own son Haimon. Then, Ismene told him that she did kill Haimon so Creon just said both of them did it.

In the end of this dramatic story, two brothers Haimon and his brother were both killed. This was a dramtic story that I couldn’t stand for a little bit but then after I got the understanding.

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