The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephanie Meyer

November 13, 2010
By Darby23 BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Darby23 BRONZE, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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The twi-hards out there certainly lusted after this new novel in the Twilight series, telling the Eclipse story from a different point of view: that of young Bree Tanner, a girl in Victoria's newborn army.
But was there reason to?
The story was short and seemed to have little action. I couldn't connect as deeply with Bree because of such a short time with her. This goes the same for the other characters, like her best friend/love interest Diego; Riley, Victoria's second in command; and Freaky Fred, a soldier who has the special ability to repulse and disgust others.
Besides the lack of connection with the characters, I was also disappointed with the ending to the story. We know what happens to Bree, but as for Diego and Freaky Fred, their fate remains unknown. It is very aggravating.
But besides that, I enjoyed being able to read about the other side of Eclipse: what it was like for the vampires who attacked the Cullens. And if you're like me, you'll be equally surprised by their story.
I also liked the fact that Meyer addressed a lot of the myths about vampires. The newborns believe that they are like every vampire they have heard about - they'll fry in sunlight, and getting stabbed by a stake is deadly. It was interesting to see how they dealt with this information, because the Cullens seemed to almost not be vampires in the Twilight series. The usual myths didn't apply to them.
For those who read the Twilight series, I definitely recommend this book. It's very interesting and fascinating to read about the newborn vampire. Also, it's a good story by itself. But for those who didn't read the Twilight series, I would brush up on my twi-knowledge before reading this. Because even without an extensive knowledge on the Cullens and Volturi, and an adamant opinion on Team Jacob or Team Edward, this still could be a fun and enjoyable read.

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