Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

November 4, 2010
When I first started this book, I believe that I would never really finish this book because of how slow paced the story started. But, really, it was only because I wasn't giving it a chance and didn't know that, in the pages ahead, were deep compelling words on the struggles we face in life...and death. Sam Kingston is the girl that everybody envies in life. She's popular, snotty, superior, and would have probably laughed in your face if you pointed out her bad behavior, not caring about your opinion whatsoever. Though, in death, she is forced to take a good long look at every choice she makes/made in her relatively short seventeen year lifetime. This book is such a heavy read, in my opinion, and has such deep thoughts about what death truly is and how life is such a fragile thing and how, truly, you can really hurt somebody's feelings in a way you can never take back. Anybody and everybody should read this life changing book because every wrong turn Sam makes and every right turn she makes, leaves you wanting more and to know if she'll make the right descion...or the wrong one.

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