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October 21, 2010
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When I got this book, I thought, oh great, another book! I didn’t even look at it for a couple days. I didn’t really feel like getting disappointed with a boring book. Suddenly my mind came around to it. The cover of the book intrigued me. The book was a classic. If so many people liked it, it must be good. Then I began to read it. The beginning plot started off slow. Introductions and conch shells. I wasn’t really sure where it was going to lead. I also didn’t know what any of it really had to do with the book. Interesting thing enough, by page 20, I was hooked. I never enjoyed a book I had to read in school that much. The first couple of chapters, may have been boring in some peoples eyes, but in my eyes, they were exciting. Lord Of The Flies is an adventure. It may not be a James Bond, car crash, gun shot adventure. It’s an amazing, chaotic, scary adventure. Even in the beginning, the book made you feel like you were really there. That stayed for the whole book.

The thought of being trapped on an island without adults was racing through my mind. Could I survive? Would I be like Jack or Ralph? Or maybe I would be more like Simon and Piggy! It would be an interesting thing to experience. I don’t know as if I would want it to happen, if I didn’t know I was going to survive. What if it did though? I loved imagining myself there.

Reading the quotes in a British accent made it even better. There is something highly sophisticated about the British. I think making the boys British, made the book so much better. The “highly sophisticated” boys got out of hand and that made it seem worse. If it was Americans, I don’t think that they would think it was bad that they were acting so crazy. Americans seem to have to right to be chaotic, whereas the stereotype of the English is that they are born and raised to be classy and sophisticated.

I love the way the author made it seem like he was one of the boys who was on the island. He knew exactly what it was like. It was as if he actually did live on an island for a little time of his life. It makes you wonder if he’s hiding something about his past.

It was an interesting book and I really enjoyed it, even though there were no girls on the island. I think having a girl on the island would’ve ruined it. Girl’s tend to rationalize and care about everyone’s well-being more. I was a little annoyed about that at first, but it changed as I thought about the difference it would’ve made.

One thing happened after another and the book was never dull. There was never a moment where nothing was going on. Life was always stressful for those boys and it may had been irritating and chaotic for them, but for me it made the book very exciting. I think that is a great book and a fast read if you get into adventure type books.

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