I Loved You Before You Were Born by Anne Bowen

October 21, 2010
My mother's words flow out of her mouth with grace, "I loved you before you were born." she reads, my eyes flutter shut and I peacefully fall asleep.

When I was little, these were the last words I would hear before I would drift off into a different world. The book I Loved You Before You Were Born always found a way to capture my inner thoughts and just the mere rhymes and figurative language intertwined in this book sparked an interesting thought: is this what my family did while they were waiting for me? Before I could even read I would immerse myself in this book. Each word foreign, each picture painting its precise imagine directly into my head. At one point I remembered the whole book, word for word; each syllable dragged off the page into my own mouth. This book made my whole body tingle with excitement, my heart infused with love. This is the feeling every child should feel at one point in their lives.

The feeling of being loved; being loved before you were even born

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