the House of the Scorpion

October 14, 2010
By Anonymous

The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer included many points where the main character, Matteo Alacran, showed his true colors. Matteo Alacran, better known as Matt, is the clone of a powerful drug lord of a country, Opium. Throughout the story, Matt develops changes in his personality as well as his physique. Matt is treated like trash by everyone who lives with him, the guards, the maids, everyone, except for his three good friends Maria, Tam Lin, and Celia. Matteo Alacran, the original also shows affection toward Matt.

Matt displays many forms of his personality within the House of the Scorpion. Matt's character develops throughout the story abundantly. From Matt's age of 6 to his age of 14, a lot changes in his views of the mind. At first Matt might have been oblivious and narrow minded, but at the end of the book I believe that Matt found out the true face of the world and how it's ugly the more things you seem to know.

Through my reading, I noticed Matt have different changes in his attitude. At around 12 years old at his original's birthday, he was very demanding for his present from Maria, "'pick it up and bring it to me' Matt said" (Farmer,108). Matt showed his power in front of his original so that he would be accepted and Matt realized he had the power to do anything he wished on that day.
Matt shows ignorance and unawareness in his earlier days like when he jumped into the glass, "Matt came to a decision. It was frightening, but he'd never had an opportunity like this before and he might never have it again. He shoved a chair to the opening, scrambled up, and jumped" (Farmer,18.) Matt showed his true level of ignorance in front of all these kids he had never even met before.

In the later chapters, I noticed Matt's perseverance and his will to take anything on, "You can do it, said Tam Lin from the darkness on the other side of the fire.'I know I can,' said Matt, smiling back" (Farmer, 380). Matt shows his willpower to keep moving forward and shows that he's ready to take on the challenge of ruling Opium on his own at the age of 14.

Nancy Farmer did a great job on the character development of Matteo Alacran the clone in the House of the Scorpion. As the story progressed, I started to see Matt's true identity. Matt didn't even realize his true identity until maybe one of the last chapters. The House of the Scorpion did a great job on character development, and I'd like to commend Nancy Farmer on that.

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