Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

October 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
Breaking dawn is the fourth book in the twilight series. The twilight series is about a girl named Bella who is in her late teens. The series is about how Bella discovers how eye-popping the world she lives in really is.
This book takes place in Forks, which is a small, rainy town in Washington. Bella lives there with her dad, Charlie. This book is outstanding if you like action, it tells all about Bella’s crazy, action packed life with her vampire husband Edward. The big problem is that Bella could die giving birth to her and Edward’s baby. Will she live? Read and find out.
I think this book is a fantastic fantasy book with made up creatures and action. I definitely recommend if you like action. It’s probably right for mature teens and young adults because some of the content is inappropriate. So, read the book and find out how Bella and Edward survive!

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