My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent

October 6, 2010
By gbubookreviews PLATINUM, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
gbubookreviews PLATINUM, Palmyra, Pennsylvania
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Overall I enjoyed this book but I can’t sit here and rant and rave about it. Though, I can’t complain much either. Vincent’s world was very unique for the over-crowded paranormal genre. The romance is positively steamy, which I enjoyed immensely. Lately the books I’ve been reading have seemed to lack a little in that department. For being a shorter novel, it really took a stand. It was one of the best books under 300 pages that I’ve read in awhile. It really had a nice pace throughout the whole book that kept it going. I am looking forward to reading the sequels as well.

I don’t have any huge complaints about this one. It didn’t do anything to annoy me which is rare. But the book lacked pizazz or anything to really make it stand out. So if you have an opportunity to read this book take it, but don’t run off to the bookstore right now and get it.

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