Invasion on the Boy Snatchers

October 13, 2010
By JMjayem11 BRONZE, Chesterfield, Missouri
JMjayem11 BRONZE, Chesterfield, Missouri
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Invasion of the Boy Snatchers

By: Lisi Harrison

Girl, Drama, are the best 2 words to describe the best selling N.Y. time’s best selling series The Clique.

This book is about 5 rich girls, Massie, Alicia, Dylan, Kristen, and Clair, from Westchester New York. Massie Block finally made her way back up at the top of the pretty committee where she belongs. Alicia Rivera, made it back in and she hopes to stay in. But will she? Her TOTALY HOT cousin from Spain Nina is staying in Westchester for the semester. She knows more about kissing and boys than Massie does and that drives her CRAZY! With her European style all the LBR’s, losers beyond repair, adore and ‘worship’ her. Alicia, Clair, and Massie are fed up with her, they try to take her down multiple times. Dylan and Kristen love her, they want her boots because they think they are ‘soooo’ stylish. They make a bet with Nina to see who can get their 1st kiss 1st to get her boots. Meanwhile, Cam, Josh, and Derrington (short for Derrick Harrington) have been ignoring Clair, Alicia, and Massie. Does Nina have something to do with this?

This Book is for the ages 12-14, because I don’t think anyone over the age of 14 would want to read about 13 year olds. It is 12 and up because of inappropriate language. It’s very dramatic and suspenseful, add that to a couple of mini mysteries and it can be the perfect book! If you like how that sounds, you will love Invasion of the Boy Snatchers. :)

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