Ghosts on the Coast a Visit to Savannah and the Low Country by Jane Wood

September 21, 2010
By sklungs GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
sklungs GOLD, Jacksonville, Florida
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In this book, a family visits the very historical Savannah and Charleston. Jane Wood was able to successfully capture all of the history possible a 7 to 14 year old could retain in one book. The family is believable and realistic; she mostly did a good job on the realistic fiction part of the book. I was really glad she chose Savannah as the setting of this book due to its excitement and history.

All books have their flaws. In this book, I wished the family stayed in Savannah longer, fifty pages into the book and the family was already leaving Savannah. Also, I felt Jane wood clumped all or most of the history into the mother’s dialogue, yes I do find this acceptable once of twice but I found that she did that throughout the whole book. I also felt that the fourteen year old, Joey, in the book was also unrealistic in the fact that he didn’t act like a fourteen year old but more like a nine year old.

Overall, this book was very exciting and I really enjoyed reading it. I would suggest this book to a nine to twelve year old at any given time. I had a smile on my face through out reading this book. Thank you so much Jane Wood for writing this book I’ll look forward to the next book in the series. I would really enjoy it if you started a new series mostly so I could read it. Thank you!

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