Cover Up by John Feinstein

September 14, 2010
By derekjm15 SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
derekjm15 SILVER, Earlham, Iowa
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Cover Up and Enjoy!

If you are looking for a great and easy book to read this is the perfect book for you. This easy read will have you covered up on your couch during a chilly fall afternoon, reading it without interruption. Cover Up will bring you into the hearts of Steve and Carol, two curious fourteen year olds that are always a joy, and seem to get into trouble nearly everywhere they go. Author John Feinstein has these kids wrapped up in more than they can handle in this masterpiece.

America’s biggest event of the year, the Super Bowl, is tangled with media from newspapers, TV shows, and Radio stations. Steve Thomas and Susan Carol are two lucky teen reporters who get to work with the big dogs of the media during the hectic Super Bowl week. They find out real quick who is a friend or foe, and half way through the week they find themselves looking into a deep secret that no one else in the media knows. It could be the story of the decade, but it might prevent them from even seeing the end of this decade. Stevie and Susan thought they were in for a fabulous week, until they uncovered the secret behind the drug tests for the offensive linemen for one of the teams about to play in the Super Bowl. A secret they wish they never found out.

In this book, John Feinstein will have you running around with Susan and Stevie, finding the scoop on everything worth writing about. You will be rooting these kids on every second, hoping they solve the Super Bowl secret. The book also gives you a picture perfect teen romance next to all the chaos around Stevie and Susan. You will continue to read without even trying, with all the fame and attention these young famous reporters get. While reading you escape into the weird, and rough world of the hard pressing media life. Although, Stevie and Susan make it seem easier than one would assume it to be.

In the end, Cover Up is an excellent read for anyone, especially teenagers, looking for excitement, suspense, and joy. The non-stop action Steve and Susan get into keeps you tied with them until the very last page. Go grab this book, shut off your TV, cover up, and begin to read. You will find yourself loving every minute of it.

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