Sweethearts by Sara Zarr

August 27, 2010
By K.T.S. SILVER, Monmouth County, New Jersey
K.T.S. SILVER, Monmouth County, New Jersey
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Sweethearts was about this girl and boy who have diverged into their own lives, seperated by family issues and the birth of new paths. Cameron and Jennifer Harris, in the beginning of the book "were seen as one" not two people. They were a pair but not a pair, a duo but not a duo. Their excitements, adventures, hardships, sentiments, catastrophes... revolved around eachother.

Cameron's father was an alcoholic who's mind and life went down the drain. His father was a feelingless, fruitless man, almost as malignant as Adolf Hitler. His father punched, not hit, his son numerous times each day, which is in accord to his sons reserved, prudent manner. He, mentally, belittled his son with cruel jokes and comments of an immature nature, that being and understatement. The mother of Cameron was a woman of foolish decisions, marrying an abusive husband; a bad choice on her part. After giving birth to a myriad of children, a husband with a distorted, corrupted, disgusting mind pulls her down even more. Throughout the book, the mother arises as a savior to the family, moving her children to California, deserting her undeserving 'husband'. Later on, the husband tracks the family down... He leaves for his own reasons. Smart choice.

When Cameron moved with his family, Jennifer was oblivious to the fact that he was still alive, though her mother did not object to her morbid daughter's declarations of him being dead. "It was for your own good." Jennifer's mother had said.

This book was a symbol of how one person can change a life, of how that persons desertion can leave one in ruins and how love is more tnan a sentiment, power, or feeling. This book depicted a horror, a fear, that could chill the bones of the living and the dead and a solution of suspense between two companions closer than lovers. Of how choice doesn't just play a prominent role in our lives but decides our own fates. Of how life can be twisting, yet thrilling. Happy and chilling. Wonderful and absolutely unfair. Two can never be seperated when something holding them together can not be explained.

The author's comments:
One of the best books I have read! Very influential, inspirational, and it hits the core of my heart. It will hit yours, too.

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