Publish This Book by Stephen Markley

August 13, 2010
By Livio.A.Zanardo BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Livio.A.Zanardo BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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We all have a story to tell. I learned that from this book. It is one of its kind. The category of writing it belongs in is still debatable - whether it is a memoir or an autobiography or any other kind - its content is not. Publish This Book is memoir involving the struggle of a freelance writer to become published. Basically, a book about publishing a book.
What is so great about this text that has motivated me to write an encouraging review that groans and screams for you to read it? This is a book about not exactly about what is it is supposed to be about. It is mostly about life. Our author and protagonist, Stephen Markley, embarks on a battle to find his way through publishing his very first book. He goes through outrageous and sometimes melancholic situations: from being hated all over the internet and waking up with someone from your opposing faction, to unexpected pregnancies and losing beloved individuals. Most of this struggle (or madness) occurs while surviving off low-paying jobs and blogging for while warring to find an agent that will ultimately accept this book.
With his straight-up-and-sometimes-crude sense of humor, occasional profanity, and ever-entertaining footnotes, Markley also teaches us about the world of writing. He explains the process of publishing and all of its perspectives, from who controls the industry to how it is affected by the recession. He introduces the reader to new forms of expression creative writing - from wrestling with his own personified ego in a play to adapting regular everyday-conversations into an outer-space sci-fi. Most importantly, he teaches us about the life of a full-time independent writer combating the distractions of everyday life to accomplish his goal sitting on his Throne of Genius (which happens to be a folding beach chair for him).
What is the greatest thing about this book? That is left to the choice of the reader. This book is an excellent choice to those who wish to become published authors in the future. It’s appeal may be mostly on those members of this generation – people born in the 1985 and after bracket – but the several stories told in this book are quite unforgettable for their powerful empathy that clings to us.

In the words of its author, “you pretty much know it has a happy ending”.

The author's comments:
What seems so great about Markley is that he's an average guy that tells his story like a wise old man that likes to laugh.

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