The Host by Stephanie Meyer

June 27, 2010
By Leena_ink SILVER, Dhaka, Other
Leena_ink SILVER, Dhaka, Other
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The world has fallen in love with her bloodthirsty vampires and territorial werewolves from her best selling “twilight” saga series. She has bewildered every soul with her creativity and visually dynamic characters. Around the globe not only teens, but mothers, fathers and even grandparents find themselves profoundly captured into one of her ingenious fiction novels. With an author like Stephanie Meyer, you relentlessly throb upon the question, “What’s next?” Well, she’s done it again! Her novel, “The Host” is another major hit that was #1 on the New York Times best sellers and remained so for 27 weeks! She’s put all those vampires on hold, and brought a whole new story suitable for both adults and teens to enjoy!

Who knew an author could weave science fiction, romance, comedy and drama into just one novel? Meyer’s done it, and she’s done it good! I found, that this novel is a brilliant mix of all genres that I assure you’ll find impossible to put down. Her story revolves around the concept of creatures from afar invading planet earth through taking hosts in human’s minds. While such far-fetched imagery may arouse disbelief or exaggeration to the idea, Meyer emphasizes the central theme of love, friendship and loyalty resulting in a more convincing and realistic tone. Believe me, I never appealed to those “science fiction” related novels, but this one—I loved.

The Host is a complex story, but once understood, the plot is one that will keep you reading late at night, turning pages. The invading creatures from afar have dominated the earth by taking possession of the human’s mind while leaving their bodies unharmed. These creatures manage to confine Melanie Stryder, one of the few “wild” humans. Wanderer, an invading “soul” is appointed the task to take “host” in Melanie’s body. However, Wanderer is oblivious to the fact that she is dealing with a liberated, determined American woman who refuses to go without a fight and will do all that she can to make the job harder. The soul finds her mind overflowing with Melanie’s memories of her loved one, Jared. Wanderer, who is obligated to report any case of human existence, discovers that instead of skirmishing against this bickering “conscience” in her mind, she is dominated by the incessant memories that are compelling her to betray those who are faithful to her. Not only is she accepting the horrendous idea that Melanie is well and alive inside the body that was supposed to be hers, but also finds herself profoundly in love with Melanie’s Jared, a man whom she has never met before. Wanderer and Melanie set off in seek of the man they both love; finding them selves trapped in a twisted love triangle involving only two bodies.
Will they find Jared? If they do, will their loved ones kill them knowing that Melanie is not alone inside her body? Already sucked into Meyer’s dangerously enhancing plot? Wouldn’t be surprised. This masterpiece can unquestionably entice readers of all genres and ages. The Host is undeniably a great read!

The author's comments:
I wasn't "crazy" about the "Twilight saga serious", and so i thought this book would be similar. Boy, was I wrong!

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