Something Like Fate by Susane Colasanti This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

June 21, 2010
Remember when our mothers used to tuck us into bed at night and tell us about the dashing prince who would eventually come and sweep us off our feet? It was destiny, it was fate. Nothing stood in the way of two undeniable soul mates in fairy tales.
Then you grow up and the day you finally find him your insides are filled with pure happiness. But sometimes you find out that the guy you love is the one thing you can’t have. There is only one reason why. He is your best friend’s boyfriend.

Lani and Erin are completely different. They are also best friends.

Little do they know similarity between them is closer than they think. It lies in a boy named Jason.

Jason becomes Erin’s boyfriend.

Erin loves Jason. Jason loves…Lani.

This is an awkward position for Lani. She admits to herself that she has a crush on Jason, but she knows he is off-limits. That is until Erin goes away one summer and Lani starts spending more time with Jason. As time goes on, Lani realizes that she and Jason could be soul mates. But would she betray her best friend just for ‘something like fate’? Especially if that best friend saved her life?
The cover of Something Like Fate compelled me to pick the book up. I am glad I did. I enjoyed the story immensely. It was an addicting young adult romance novel. It is perfect for a summer read.

Once again author, Susane Colasanti, writes a laugh-worthy, romantic, heart wrenching, page-turning story that is worth your time.

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SABRINA said...
Mar. 29, 2015 at 12:30 pm
I am currently reading this book, It is FAB I LOVE IT!!
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