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June 27, 2010
By imanilovesyou BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
imanilovesyou BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines .

Everybody has issues with their families. Wether its trying to fit in, abuse, or expressing your sexuality, we all deal with it. But throughout these struggles, we always seem to come together as one and love each other.

In Carrie Mac's book Crush, a girl named Hope, is sent to live with her sister New York City, while her parents are in Thailand for a trip. Hope met a women named Maira who offered her a job to walk her dog. After watching Hope suffer from home sickness, Maira offered Hope a room with her girlfriend. hope started catching a love bug for another girl (which is unusual because she never looked at a girl in such a way), and started denying her feelings. But Maira and her girlfriend Larissa, help Hope to express how she feels, without judging her.

In Dead Is The New Black, and Dead Is A State Of Mind, by Marlene Perez, main character, Daisy Giordano, just can't seem to fit in at school, and home. Daisy is the only person at home without an psychic ability. Since she's so different, she tends to push herself away from her family. Daisy's mom constantly tells her she will develop her powers soon. After Daisys powers kick in, her family starts to come together as one, and become much closer.

Something Girl, by Beth Goobie is about a 15 year old girl named Sophie, who is abused by her dad, while her mom is really depressed and an alcoholic. JuJube a 12 year old friend of Sophie, knows everything about the abuse. JuJube was a real friend and treated Sophie as a sister. After being abused beyond max by her dad, Sophie hides in a special place she built with JuJube. When JuJube finds her, beaten up badly, She calls the ambulance for her. Something real family does.

Family is always there for you. No matter how much hell you've been through, no matter how much you don't get along, there is still a large space in their heart, where you belong.

The author's comments:
these are some of my favorite books. I would also like to redo this piece so give me feedback please :] .

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