Maximum Ride by James Patterson

June 15, 2010
By EboneJackson BRONZE, White Plains, New York
EboneJackson BRONZE, White Plains, New York
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What if you were a prince or princess who lived a perfect life except for one major problem, you were part avian. This is a reality for Max and her crew Iggy, Fang, Nudge, Angel, and Gazzy. Imagine being trapped in a place where there was no way to escape, you were locked in a dog crate when you had a fifteen foot wingspan and worst you always had painful experiments done on you. Max and her flock have to escape from this place but will they ever make it out alive?

Max was human one day in her life but she was captured by people that work in a place known as the school. She was transformed and became part avian part human. Now she has met four other kids who were transformed into avian kids also by the same people, Iggy, Fang, Nudge, Angel, and Gazzy. Now they have escaped this horrid place and have been living on their own for 13 years. On a race to save the world they have to avoid these other mutants that are out to kill them.

This book was an amazing read. The conflicts that Max and her flock face are like nothing you have ever faced. You are leaning on the edge of your chair the entire time you are reading this book; you never want to put it down. This book takes place in so many different places but everyone is just as good as the last from sleeping in subway tunnels to running in the Bronx zoo to fighting on top of the empire state building. The characters in this book are amazing

This book reminds me of how in the world today we judge people by what they look like not what they act like. In maximum everyone judges these characters as brutal and horrible creatures but actually there here to help save the world. Throughout this book I could not stop thinking about how we judge other people by the way they look. And if they look the slightest bit different from us we treat them very unfairly. For example black African Americans we segregated from whites because the color of their skin. While Max and her crew and pushed away from the public and from other creatures because they have wings.

I would recommend this book to all young readers who are interested in reading. You’d have to be very mature to read this book because this book isn’t a fairy tale so there are no happy endings for everyone. This book would be a perfect read for everyone you wouldn’t want to take you eyes off the book nor put the book down. This just goes to show you that James Patterson can create an interesting captivating read for everyone.

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