Copper sun

June 8, 2010
I have read this book called “Copper Sun” by Shannon Draper; I read this book because it was the only book that was available for this project I was suppose to do. I thought maybe the book would be boring just and ordinary book, I would read for a grade in my English class, I didn’t know this book would change my perspective I have on my life and myself. When I started to read this book it caught my attention quick I didn’t want to put it down not for one second, I was so into Copper Sun that when my teacher asked me to put it down I hid the book under my desk and continued to read (sorry Ms. Moser =]). When I went home I continued to read and the main character that attracted me the most was Amari, all the things she encountered especially at the age of fifteen, I admire her because she’s wise, her culture, and her faith and hope she has in herself and in other people. I have learned so many things about her, people are not the same there are so many different ways other people have, Amari was to be married at the age of fifteen, for that kind of maturity she has and can handle that is amazing, Amari never gives up on nothing and her faith and hope is tremendous, when those men took her she never gave up she kept her head high to the stars and never let go of the hope she had to be free one day.

When I think of Amari she reminds me of myself, when my family and I went through troublesome things I was the one to bring laughter to those moments, when my sisters would cry at night I let them sleep with me or I make a joke to brighten there day. When my brother says he can’t do something I believe and have faith in him that he can, and when he runs to me after he accomplished the things he said he couldn’t do the look on his face could be much described as a mother who just gave birth to two newborn twins. Amari is like my role model, I feel as of she is real like IV known her all my life, I haven’t finished Copper Sun yet I’m at the part where she is in the woods with her friends and she has to survive and eat bugs and raw fish that time reminds me of when my best friend Tody told me that because in his Liberian culture to become a man in Africa your father and older brothers have to drive you in the woods far far way from home and leave you there alone to find your way home. He had to eat bugs and leaves and different kinds of fruit that he has never seen before.

Tody told me it took him a week to get home that when he was home he was a man; the story is similar to amari and her adventure in the woods. Just from this book I have learned so many things about my self and things in the world I never knew. I am truly grateful for this wonderful experience, I haven’t finished the book but soon I will and cant wait of what the end will have in store for me.

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blu_jay96 said...
Jun. 18, 2010 at 1:17 pm

Copper Sun is a phenomenal novel. It really shows what the life of a slave really was. Sharon Draper is a very talented woman; even though she was never a slave in the 1700's or 1800's  she hit the experience and agony well. I'm glad you enjoyed the novel so far and I hope you like the rest of it.

Highest Regards and Respect,


mikky replied...
Jun. 21, 2010 at 8:47 am
now i really want to read the book! I'll beg my mom to drive me to the nearest barns and noble!!
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