catcher in the rye

June 8, 2010
In life you face many trials and tribulations and people wonder why bad things happen to them. But in life you have to learn many lessons but if you don’t go through the bad and experience the good in the end you won’t appreciate what you been through. In the book “the catcher in the rye” the most true life based generalization is that life is worth living because even though the bad outweighs the good, the bad can feel good after it’s over.

Experiencing bad things makes you appreciate things that you want in life but you know it will be hard to achieve. Achieving something that you want shouldn’t be easy because if it was handed to you wouldn’t appreciate and you will waste what you earned. “That’s the whole trouble. You can’t ever find a place that’s nice and peaceful, because there isn’t any.” This was when Holden was in the museum by the mummy exhibit and he saw a “f*** you” sign on the wall. He really was hurt when he saw that writing on the all because it was a peaceful place and it always gets ruined by something. My connection is the same in the world because it’s a lot of beautiful things out there and they get ruined. The earth is where we live we should take care of it in the best way as possible. Holden when saw that sign on the wall it’s like he appreciated the museum when it was being treated bad and he connected with it. At times that’s how it be you have to go through something bad to appreciate what’s the good thing we have already.

After all the bad things you go through in the end you will be thankful that you experienced it all because it turned your life around. Holden throughout the book meets new people and old from his school and he always called them phony. But truly he was the one that was phony because he was still searching for his own image. He had his own theory about people and the way they are and why they are like that and its funny because it does keep it real about things he doesn’t like. But after all the things he went through in the book in the end he missed all the people he encountered. That’s was beautiful to me because even though he got beat up at times or didn’t like a person he still was glad he met them. “I sort of Miss everybody I told about. Even old Stradlater and Ackley, for instance. I think I even miss that god dam Maurice.” I just think that’s great because he could’ve been sour about meeting all those people but it really helped him. Even though he dreaded those moments he still missed it because it helped him change his life around. Now he intends on applying himself in school and from knowing Holden in the book that’s a big change. In life you will meet people you dislike and some people that you love but that’s just life and you learn from your experiences.

After you have been through so much and you had so many bad experiences you tend to see yourself as a person who can save another person from making that same mistake. All throughout the book you wonder what Holden’s goals in life what does is he want to do, what he want to become, what is his real side. When he was with phoebe and she asked him what he wants to be this was the moment I thought I saw the real Holden and I thought it was the best part of the book. “I’d just be the catcher in the rye and all. But that’s the only thing I’d really like to be.” Holden wanted to be the catcher in the rye because he wanted to save the children from falling into adulthood because that’s what he thought when people turned phony when they became into adults. That’s special to me because even though that’s not a real job he actually wanted to save children from being phony he want them to stay the same and be real because children don’t change for nobody they are just their own person. All this time you wouldn’t think that’s something he wanted to do but I always noticed he’s the most happy when he is with children. But through all the bad things he thought was phony he wanted to save children from being phony.

In conclusion, bad things in life are really blessings in disguise because they teach you to be better and to learn from the things you been through. Without the bad what good would you appreciate in life and all the bad experiences is going to change your life because you lived it and once it’s over you learned from it and next time you will be prepared. Life is filled with trials and tribulations but once everything is over you will appreciate life more because you learned how to really achieve your goal and you learn how to live.

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