Of Mice and Men

May 27, 2010
By , huntington, WV
This book is about two men trying to live their dream. They don’t know how long it will take them to get to their goal. Anybody can read this book because it deals with themes such as hope, freedom, and dreams. These two boys named George and lennie has went town to town trying to find somewhere to work for money. George is the mean one he is rude to lennie. Lennie is a big boy that is a little bit slower. There’s one problem every time they find work to do lennie always gets them in trouble.
I love how the author explains the settings I could actually visualize it. I also think that he did a real good job with the slang words. I like this book because it’s about friendship. I will always remember this book because of the different plots and the different people and all the dreams. The dreams actually was kind of all the same they all wanted money and they didn’t really want to live on the farm because of curley the one who is always mean to all the big guys.
Friendship is a real important lesson you shouldn’t take friends for granted. It also tells you about how you can dream. No matter how far or how long you could still have a dream. I give this book five stars because it talks about no matter how old or how young how fat or skinny no matter what color you are you can still have dream.

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