My Life as Siddhartha

June 3, 2010
The book that I can relate my life to is Siddhartha. I can relate to many characters in your book in some way but the one that mirrors my life strongly is Siddhartha. As for Siddhartha, he was on a quest for spiritual enlightenment and it took him an extremely long time to actually find it. I am searching for where I belong and my type of enlightenment. Since I was in middle school, I have been trying many strategies to become successful in all aspects of life. That’s my definition of enlightenment.

Succeeding in all aspects of life would bring peace to life. I could never find the right strategy as I was growing up and still don’t have a perfect one now. I have not succeeded in all parts of life, but instead have started lagging in some parts. As I tried hard to achieve in the aspects I was failing at, I started failing at things I was actually good at. An example would be soccer and academics. I was horrible at soccer but extremely good at academics. As I started to train for soccer, I could not find the time for academics and eventually started dropping. This is why I moved on and tried different strategies just as Siddhartha moved from place to place.

Siddhartha and I share many strengths and flaws. I posses an incredible degree of patience just like him. I also have the persistence to achieve any goal no matter how many times I fail. Persistence is actually one of my best strategies I use in all aspects of my life. No matter how many times I fall, during a soccer game or social issues, I get back up and come back stronger than before. I lack the social skills as Siddhartha did and may sometimes talk too wise for other people to understand my sayings. The way Siddhartha mirrors my life is incredible. I hope that one day; I will achieve my enlightenment by becoming a pro tennis player and an entrepreneur.

Siddhartha has showed me many new things about my world that I had never noticed before. It has showed me that everyone is on a different path and wants to achieve their type of enlightenment. I know now that everyone has their own type of enlightenment, whether it is family, a certain goal, or just spiritual. Everyone wants to do something different with their life and has skills in different expertise to get them there.

What surprised me about myself while I was reading Siddhartha was that how I went from an ordinary person to a thinker. I was able to obtain self-knowledge from this book that I can use now and in the future. This is actually the first fiction book I have read that actually has a meaning to it. It has a universal theme in my opinion and that theme is interpreted differently by everyone. Hermann Hesse has written a classic book, which I believe everyone should read at least once before their early 20’s. The book Siddhartha has had a great impact on me in many ways. The self-knowledge I have gained from this book will help me greatly in the future. I would like to thank you for writing one of the best and most meaningful books I have ever read.

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