The Fifth Diamond

May 27, 2010
By Anonymous

The Fifth Diamond by Irene Weisberg Zisblatt is a story if Irene Zisblatt of her horred child hood in Auschwitz and after that. It goes from her childhood, to first going in to the camp, and her terrifying adventure there. She also talks about what happens after that and her life since then. This story is compassion about two girls brought together in a bizarre twist of fate. Their love for each other inspired their survival, and then there friendship ended tragically in the forests of Germany. Sabka died he next day after they were free.
As she was in the camp, her mom gave her diamonds before they were send there and told her to sale them for money if she had too. She kept them the whole time while she was in Auschwitz. They had to check them and strip naked, and she had no where to put them, so she swallowed them. Each time she would use the bathroom she would go through her own fecices and get the diamonds, and swallow them again. Each time she would try to use the bathroom, or she would she would keep swallowing them over and over again. She was there through 1942-1945.
When she escaped, her and Sabka ran in to forest and slept they’re overnight with a little blanket they shared. When they woke up there were army men around them pointing a riffle at their heads, they came out from under the blankets, and they took them somewhere and gave them food, and sheltered them. They told the men what happened to them and they could not believe that people could do such a horrid thing. That night after they ate, they slept in an ambulance, the next morning when Irene woke up, Sabka died. And lying at her feet was her favorite food, a plate of scramble eggs. Irene says she thinks that she was just living for her, like her guardian angel maybe.
She came to America and stayed with her Aunt and Uncle, the she shortly moved in with other family members. She worked as a waitress and met Herman. She and Herman kicked it off right from the beginning. They had two children together, Mark Lawrence Weisberg, and Robin June Weisberg. He couldn’t have been better to her. They married on October 27, 1956 in the Avon Catering Hall in Newark, New Jersey. November 8, 1969 Herman had died. In 1990 she moved to Pembroke Pines, Florida. During the years follwing her husband’s death, she remarried, but the marriage didn’t work out. Herman was the love of her life, like her mother, father, and other family members, she had lost his also. She had devoted her life to her kids and grandchildren, Haley, Skyler, Shelby, Jacob, and Andie.

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