The Hunger Games

May 19, 2010
What happens when you mix humanity with entertainment? The Hunger Games. The addictive read has 16-year old Katniss stuck in a dangerous state of affairs by having to fight for her life, family, and district. The all dominant government known as the Capitol has turned the life of innocent people from the 12 districts to a death for pure amusement.
The televised de-humanization is broadcasted to all 12 districts. One unlucky male & female from ages 12 and up is selected from the lottery to fight against 11 other districts in an arena full of traps and treacherous living conditions. There can only be ONE victor of the games, leaving the contestants to fight to the death. When Katniss chooses to take the place of her little sister Prim, her life is changed indefinitely. To add more gas to the fire, a distant childhood friend, Peeta, is thrown into the arena with her. Now with both of their lives at stake she must come to terms with a disastrous decision between her and her friend’s life and death.
The way Suzanne Collins portrayed each character is remarkable. You will be clinging to your seat with anticipation after every flip of the page. The New York Times even states "...brilliantly plotted and perfectly paced...a futuristic novel every bit as good and as allegorically rich as Scott Westerfeld's 'Uglies' books." The style of the author is very ingenious and full of zeal. This book is one that will have you running for the next one.

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ilovepolkadots said...
Jun. 27, 2010 at 10:32 pm
i LOVE THIS BOOK TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tHE SECOND BOOK TO IT IS ALSO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(wow that is a lot of exclamation points)
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