The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

May 23, 2010
By l.puff SILVER, Seattle, Washington
l.puff SILVER, Seattle, Washington
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The Lightning Thief is about a boy growing up in New York and his hard life with troubles in school; in seventh grade he finds out what he really is, throwing him into a new lifestyle and many new troubles.

The Lightning Thief is about a boy named Percy with dyslexia and ADHD that have given him trouble in school for his whole life. At the end of sixth grade he comes back from his boarding school and immediately his Mother and him go on a vacation to the beach. When they get their trouble finds them and Greek monsters are coming after them. At first Percy doesn’t realize why, but he soon finds out that he is a demigod (half mortal and half god) and the monsters want him dead because of that. The monster got closed to killing him but he reached a safe camp just in time. Soon Percy is explained what he is and is sent on a quest by his father Poseidon to find Zeus’s thunder bolt. He then goes on a long journey with two friends from the camp. Though they face many troubles through searching they find the bolt and all is at peace with the God’s.

The Lightning Thief is connected to Ancient Greek culture and current American culture. As I read the story I learned about the many gods that the Greeks worshipped. Through the whole book the main characters came across many gods of big and little importance in Olympus. Each time a new god comes into the story you learned some about them that is correct in the Greek mythology. In the story they have special names for monsters and always use god’s names respectfully. Also when God’s names were used incorrectly they would be corrected immediately so they would not anger the God’s. The book is also very accurate with American culture. They talk about the ways of getting around which we currently do and also some scenes take place in real places like the Mississippi river, Las Vegas and Denver.

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