Earths Holocast by Nathaniel Hawthorne

May 16, 2010
By fallen000 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
fallen000 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Earth’s Holocaust is an alternative history story where it seems as though America has concord the world and is establishing American ideas everywhere, making man equal so that the common and elite become one.

The burning is the burning of all our materialistic things to make man kind an equal society. So there should be no inequalities and no wars, no higher powers or lower powers, no one would be superior to anyone else. There for by trying to make society equal they make everyone commoners so that there will be a equal society. There no longer could be social classes. So there won’t be any more aristocrats and every one will think of everyone as equals, and no one will have a choice in the matter of what will go into the flames.

There will be no more sins or profanities. There will be no more alcohol making everyone equal, no more fancy wines like Tokay and no more alcohol like poor people drink so there can be no destination between the upper and lower classes, so all the alcohol will go in to the flames to burn, because it is a sin. They burn tobacco, money so no one can be no poor and no rich people. There will be no love so all the people threw in all there love letters. There would be no vanity so everyone would look common, no more books so there wont be knowledge because knowledge gives you a sense of individuality and powor because the more knowledge you have the more powerful you become. There will be desecration to all religious relics so that there can no longer be religion so that there will no longer be any disputes everything that corrupts society must burn in the flames because all of these things mean there’s temptation to sin. Still there of arguments against these things being burned and abolished from society.
The moral of this story shows us that society will always be like this because of the evil in our hearts that we just can’t change even if we all burn everything and try and correct everything wrong in the world we’ll just find a way to bring everything back to sin again. It could even be worse the second time around. There will always be evil in our hearts that’s just something we can’t control. No matter how much human kind tries to fight it, the evil in our hearts it will always be there and there is never a way to fight it.

From different points of views we see different things, but the heart is the main source of it all. We shouldn’t try to change history or make it like history never happened, because it will come back the same or passably worse.

The author's comments:
It inspired me to right this peace because I found this story interesting and a friend of mine said he didn’t like it/ couldn’t understand it. So I wanted to show him how this story looks from my point of view.

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