The Vampire Diares by L. J. Smith

May 14, 2010
By Lovely-Lie SILVER, Meadow Bridge, West Virginia
Lovely-Lie SILVER, Meadow Bridge, West Virginia
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She's smiling... but she doesn't mean it. She misses how they use to be... she misses how it was so real how they cared for each other without end but most of all, she misses him always being there and telling her everything will be okay because she need's that now, more then ever. She's sick of feeling like something's missing.

L. J. Smith is a writer like Stephenie Meyer. In The vampire Diaries L. J. Smith brings the night world (vampires, witches, werewolf’s, ect.) and the human world together. She sets the story in Fell’s church, Virginia. A quiet, old timey town that has had a rough time since Stefan Salvatore has come to town. Blood, sweat, and tear’s is what everyone there is having, except for Elena Gilbert. A beautiful popular girl who can have any guy she wants.

Stefan is the new kid at Robert E. Lee High School. Elena fell in love with him the moment she saw him. But what she doesn’t know is that he has a horrible past and an even horrible secret. He’s a vampire. For decade’s he’s been trying to fit in, he thinks he has at Robert E. Lee, but when he sees’s Elena, there’s a problem.

Elena reminds Stefan why he’s a vampire and why he hates’s himself. The love of his life looked a lot like Elena, but she killed herself. Stefan and his brother Damon were both in love with her. They wanted to make he chose one of them and that drove he to killing herself. But Stefan is happy with Elena. With great happiness comes great pain.

Even though Stefan is in a world of pain with Elena, he loves her. They have their lobe to keep them strong. In my own opinion the lesson is that any loves can proval if it’s strong enough. Whether it’s the love of a lost family member, the love of your friends, or even the love of your boyfriend/girlfriend. Any love can stay true if it’s important, true, and strong.

This book is a romantic/mystery novel. L. J. Smith wrote it for us teens. She knows what’s good, even if it is about mythical creatures. In my own opinion it shows how two different people come together, and let their love flow. Like Stefan says in the book, “Love is dangerous but it is why we live…” An he’s right, love is dangerous but kind. Anyone who love’s a good book should read this. Trust me, you’ll love it.

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