brisingr by christopher paolini

May 14, 2010
Brisingr concludes the book eldest in the inheritance cycle. Which is actually supposed to be a trilogy but Paolini thought it would be to complicated and complex to put in just one book

The inheritance cycle is focused on a boy that is one of the last dragon riders in Algaesia dragon riders are almost extinct because of the leader of the empire “Galbortorix” who is a dragon rider himself. He betrayed the dragon riders and slew them to gain power over the land. Galbortorix greatest fear is that a new dragon rider will rise and defeat him in battle.

Brisingr starts with Eragon, Saphira, and Roran traveling to Helgrind to find Rorans beloved girlfriend Katrina and to kill the ra’saac. While at Helgrind they free Katrina and manage to kill on of the ra’saac. Saphira, roan and his girlfriend travel back to the camp at the Varden but Eragon stays behind to finish of the last ra’saac. When Eragon gets back to the Varden he discovers that Katrina is pregnant and that they were going to get married and that Eragon was going to do the ceremony.

Before the marriage could begin a small group of enchanted soldiers attack the Varden with Eragons half brother Murtagh and his dragon thorn. With the help of a few spell casters Eragon and Saphira were able to drive thorn and Murtagh away and kill the rest of the soldiers. After the battle they married Roran and Katrina but Eragon had to soon leave to the Beor mountains to be apart of the coronation of the new king for the dwarfs. While in the Beor Mountains Eragon is the victim of a failed attempt of assassination. Orik Eragons clan brother then speaks to the committee of the leaders and tells them of this and ears there sympathies and is declared the new dwarf king. Since Eragon is no longer needed there Saphira and him are reunited returning to the Varden. In the mean while Roran is assigned on multiple missions by the Varden to attack the empire and regain control of some cities. While on a mission he disobeys his commanding officer to save the lives of the other soldiers and for this he is flogged. After his flogging he is then made the new commander and named Roran strong hammer. With his new title he leads a group of soldiers into Feinster to take back the town for the citizens but they retaliate and there spell casters decide to make a shade to protect them. Eragon and Arya leave the raid to stop the mages from making the shade but its too late. On the other side of Algaesia Eragons teacher is fighting Murtagh and thorn. When Murtagh gets possessed by Galbortorix and kills Oromis.

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poolshark8189 said...
May 30, 2010 at 12:08 pm
This is a nice summary of what happens in the book, but I am confuse, where is the review?  Did you like it or what?  I don't know you didn't give us a review.
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