The Dragon Heir by Cinda Williams Chima

April 27, 2010
By , Aurora, IL
In the book, The Dragon Heir, Jason Haley plays a seemingly insignificant role. In the beginning, he finds an extremely powerful stone called the Dragonstone, which the story revolves around. This is a foreshadow somewhat as Jason was seemingly destined to find the stone where all others have failed, including the one of the many antagonists Claude D’Orsay, who lives in the area where the stone is located.

The main setting in this story is in the sanctuary of Trinity. It is a sanctuary no longer. As evil and powerful forces set in motion against them, the defenders of Trinity have no choice but to use the Dragonstone. The defense of Trinity is not without losses, and many important people are killed along the way. What the Dragonstone does, is up to you to find out.

This book and the entire series are very good. It may be a bit slow at first, but bear with it because things start to pick up very soon. You may also want to read them consecutively because reading them with books in between may leave you in the dust.

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