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April 22, 2010
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Think about it. I bet many of you people would love to become invisible. You would plan on things such as revenge, heroism and many other acts. Well, when Bobby Phillips becomes invisible he doesn’t do any of that. In Andrew Clements, Things not seen this and more happens.
One night, this mysterious boy goes to sleep and wakes up gone. Not gone like he ran away or he was killed, more like invisible, not there anymore. So Bobby Phillips attempts to go through his regular life. He does school work, he reads, he does almost everything normal except he doesn’t really go anywhere without having to strip naked and be very careful. He is also trying to make sure nobody else will ever figure out about this. The only two people he told were his parents so far. His father is a scientist and he is trying different procedures to get his beloved child back. One day, he meets a blind girl. They start talking and become friends. He tells her about his condition. The 2 families try to find a way to get him back.
This book is an interesting book. It is science fiction in a way. They use many scientific terms. So, with that, if you don’t have any background on science, then this book may be a little difficult at times. The book uses some good writing tools that can make you feel like you are actually there. They show you the perspective about how he is feeling and how everything looks to him. It is intended to be slightly funny but, I do not find it very funny personally. They try to make it funny by using terms such as, “naked invisible people aren’t allowed to gasp and wheeze.”
These kinds of things don’t make me laugh a lot but it does contain some humor within it.
The book is based in present tense and you can tell because they seem to have cell phones and computers. This book is realistic other than the invisible part. It shows you how a young boy lived part of his life invisibly. It introduces you to his life but also the challenges of being invisible.

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