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   The Foundation Series by Isaac Asimov is made up of six books, which all superbly blend together to form a riveting description of a future still far away. These novels show splendidly how we may end up living thousands of years from now, yet do not lose a sense of being "down to earth" at any point. The stories each portray a specific section of future history, and they interconnect to describe the changes that occur.

The basics of the story line involve a genius name Hari Seldon, who creates a science called "Psychohistory," where is able to predict mathematically the reaction of the masses to certain stimuli. For instance, he is able to figure out that if he bands together a group of certain people in a specific way, they will react accordingly to given circumstances. With this science, Seldon is able to predict destruction throughout the galaxy and thus to work towards preventing such disaster. To accomplish this difficult task, he assembles a powerful nation made up of scientists to lead the other nations. The Foundation Collection won the Hugo award for best series ever, and is considered to be the finest science fiction ever written.

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