The Lovely Bones by Alice Seybold

April 22, 2010
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The Lovely Bones takes place in a barn that Mr. Harvey built and where Susie gets murdered! This story is about Susie getting murdered and trying to figure out who had committed the murder! This is Susie’s perspective on how she was killed and what happened when she was dead, looking down on Earth. Her farther was the only one who knew who committed the murder but he needed proof. Mr. Harvey’s perspective on the killing of Susie Salmon was that he didn’t care…he killed her! He was happy after he killed her…he gave himself a reward! Treating him to a wonderful lunch for accomplishing the killing on SUSIE!!!! Susie’s perspective of her killing was why did she get killed in the first place? Susie was feeling tremendous regret! What was her father’s perspective? Will I find the murderer and have proof?

My favorite character was Mr. Harvey. He was intelligent and he was a very good murderer and covered up his tracks. When I was younger I always wanted to try and cover up my tracks and I admire him for being so…together! Not for being the murderer but actually keeping a straight face throughout everything and not spilling about the killing! I really liked how Sebold created this amazing, intelligent, witty, old murderer! If the book didn’t have this character then everything would change and we wouldn’t have this intriguing story in front of us!

At the beginning, Susie was murdered! The climax of the story was when Mr. Harvey died by going after another woman, to kill! When he fell off a cliff and froze to death. The beginning was horrific and very scary; I had nightmares while reading, just the beginning! At the end or the final it turned to a beauty and it was a perfect setting! Everything fell into place and most of all happy endings! Lindsey got married to Samuel…but one thing you should know. Susie will always be a part of her heart and she will never forget her. Susie will stand there and watch with admiration!

The author wanted the readers to know that you should always walk with a partner in the dark! You don’t know what lies ahead and what would happen next! Even through this tragedy, we as human beings have to get through the worse! Life is a mystery and we, as people have to uncover the mysterious world lying ahead of us. Sebold wants us to know that this book is reality and we don’t live in paradise…thinking everything’s okay! This book is for early teenagers and adults. Early teenagers should get a sense to what the outside world would bring…and not everyone is safe! We come from a world that says covering your face with your blanket isn’t safe. We now need to face the real world and the challenges…even tragedy!

I would rate this a 9.75 out of 10! Very interesting and I really loved how Seybold’s descriptions matched the characters! This book has so much vibe in it and I could really feel that I was right there with Susie and looking down. Sebold brings this book to another dimension!

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allegrakelly said...
Apr. 27, 2010 at 3:17 pm
amazing is this like your irp? <3
Michelle.B replied...
Apr. 27, 2010 at 3:19 pm
yes... I wanted to see what the reviews got and if Ms. Schoen saw this I could tell her that I thought it would get a great rating
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