The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

April 21, 2010
By alyofthevalley BRONZE, Pistachioville, Wisconsin
alyofthevalley BRONZE, Pistachioville, Wisconsin
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“Does summer love last forever?”
The Last Song, written by Nicholas Sparks, is the story of a teenage girl from New York who finds forgiveness for the things she thought unforgivable and finds love with the most unlikely people. Her mom is sending Ronnie and her little brother, Jonah, to stay with their dad in North Carolina for the summer.

Ronnie is not very excited about this trip. She hasn’t talked to or seen her father since he left to go on tour as a concert pianist and her parents got divorced. After he left she also quit playing the piano much to her parents’ disliking. She tries to spend the least amount of time with her father possible. She then begins to hang out with a group of local ‘bad’ kids who drink. Although Ronnie does not take part in the drinking she continues to hang out with them.
Then Ronnie meets Will. He accidentally runs into her and spills her drink on her during his beach volleyball match. She doesn’t think he is her type at all.

One morning Ronnie wakes to a strange sound outside. There is a nest of turtle eggs and a raccoon had already eaten one. Ronnie does everything she can to keep the eggs safe until the aquarium worker arrives to put up a fence to protect the nest. It takes the aquarium a few days but someone finally shows up. That someone is Will. As they begin to spend more time together, they fall in love.
Ronnie even begins to slowly, but surely, reconnect with her father. As summer comes closer to an end, Ronnie and Will try to spend time together as much as possible. Neither one of them is ready to say goodbye. Ronnie definitely has a more eventful summer than she had planned. Near the end of her summer she hears news that no one ever wants to hear. To find out if Ronnie and Will stay together and what the ‘big news’ is, I most definitely recommend that you read The Last Song.

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