New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

April 21, 2010
“Are all fairy tales and horror stories true?”

New Moon is the second installment of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling series, the Twilight Saga. After reading the first book, Twilight, I was surprised that Bella’s vampire-boyfriend, Edward, would leave after his adopted brother, Jasper, almost killed her at a good birthday party gone bad.
To know what is happening and why, I had to read Twilight first.
Victoria, seeking revenge to kill Edward’s mate, Bella, has sent an old “friend”, Laurent, to find her. Bella is in a state of despair without Edward, and has been hanging around with her childhood friend, Jacob Black, not knowing that he has the gene to be a werewolf. Although Bella is feeling better around Jacob, he eventually tells her to stay away from him or else she’ll get hurt.

While hiking in the woods one day, Bella stumbles upon finding Laurent, and in her fear she hears Edward’s voice, telling her to get away from what is harming her. While Laurent is about to kill her, huge dogs come out of the forest and chase him away.
After figuring out Jacob is a werewolf, she continues to do life-threatening things to hear Edward’s voice. She goes cliff jumping and almost drowns, but Jacob saves her right before Victoria is about to kill her. She finds out that as she was almost killing herself, an old family friend has had a heart attack and is gone. She rushes home and is about to get out of her truck when Jacob’s werewolf senses kick in. He smells a vampire in Bella’s house.
It turns out to be Edward’s adopted sister, Alice, who can see the future. She thought she saw Bella killing herself by jumping off a cliff, but her visions can sometimes be wrong. Jacob, violating the treaty between the Cullen’s and the werewolves, comes back to check and see if Bella is safe. Just as they are about to kiss, the phone rings. Edward had heard that Bella had died, which was a mistake, and calls to talk to Charlie, who is arranging a funeral for their friend.
Edward ultimately decides that he wants to die because he didn’t want to live in a world where Bella didn’t exist. He goes to the Volturi, the “royal” vampires. Alice and Bella rush to Italy to save him so that he knows that Bella is alive.
Humans are not allowed to know that vampire’s exist, so when the Volturi see her and smell her blood, she and the Cullen’s are in violation of the most important vampire law: to keep their kind a secret. Now that Bella knows everything, she has to be turned immortal.
Bella decides to have a vote with the rest of the Cullen’s to know who want her to be immortal. After Edward continues to banter with Bella about their souls, he has one “condition” if she wants him to turn her into a vampire.
Now Bella must choose between the vampire she loves and the werewolf she can’t live without. Which will she choose?

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