Once Dead, Twice Shy by Kim Harrison

April 19, 2010
In Kim Harrison’s novel Once Dead Twice Shy, She tells the story of Madison Avery and her life after death. Living in the small town of Three Rivers she tries to find out why she was targeted by the Dark reapers. Why she still has a body, and how to use this mysterious amulet.

Madison is seventeen, and with her hair tipped in purple she’s labeled as the freak of her new high school. Nothing seems to be able to change that. Whether it be from her guardian angel Barnabas following her around day and night. To the temporary angel Grace whispering songs in her ear, making her look like she’s talking to herself.

This story picks up from where the short story Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper leaves off. In that story its Madison’s prom night, and when she finds out that her date was a pity date she runs off with the handsome Seth. On their way home, Seth reveals himself as a dark reaper, there to take her life, and succeeds. After waking up in the morgue she finds two light reapers fighting over whose responsibility she is, Barnabas loses. Madison is panicking stands over her body, when all of the sudden Seth appears to take her soul, and her body, when he comes toward her she steals his amulet, the source of his power. Which should have made her soul blow to dust, but didn’t. Now she must find out why she’s still has a body , and why she was killed.

The moral of this story is that you only live once. Or that something is always happening no matter what. Most importantly Never get into a car with someone you just met.

My personal opinion is that this book is fantastic It keeps you guessing even after the last page. I recommend it to anyone because its so good. The clean context makes it a book for all ages.

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