New Moon by Stephenie Meyers

April 19, 2010
By JaydeB. BRONZE, Sandstone, West Virginia
JaydeB. BRONZE, Sandstone, West Virginia
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Stephenie Meyer, the author of New Moon, wrote one book Twilight that lots of people loved, so she kept writing. New Moon is about vampires, werewolves, and humans falling in love in the town of Forks, Washington. At the beginning to almost the end of the book Jacob Black, a werewolf, and Bella Swan, a human, were very close and had a good friendship going even though her boyfriend Edward Cullen, a vampire, wouldn’t allow her to see him.

The most important characters in New Moon seem to be Bella Swan, Charlie Swan (her father), Jacob Black, Edward Cullen, and his family. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen saw each other as love at first site. Bella loves Edward very much, but it really upsets her when Edward doesn’t allow her to hang out with Jacob Black occasionally. She tries her hardest to get to hang out with him anyways.

Charlie Swan is Bella’s over protective father which is reasonable. He doesn’t like Edward very well but get’s used to him after a while. Even though
Bella is eighteen years of age, she still gets grounded by her father over stupid stuff. Charlie to me is like any other normal father.

Jacob Black is a werewolf that happens to be Bella’s best friend from the little kid times. He doesn’t get along with Edward or Edward’s family. Werewolves aren’t supposed to associate with vampires anyways. Jacob and Bella did everything together; he even fixed up motorcycles for them to ride. Jacob and Bella had a hard time getting to see each other, but in the end Edward ends up letting her spend a little time with him.

Now, Edward is similar to Charlie Swan because he is controlling and over protective of Bella. All he ever does is worry about her; he shows that he really cares about her by getting his vampire sister, Alice, to watch over her and to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. Edward I’m sure appreciates the fact that Jacob has done a lot for her but Jacob has also got her hurt and into bad things, so it’s very reasonable why Edward doesn’t like for Bella to be around him.

The situation in this story is pretty much between Bella and Edward because he never lets her do anything by herself, unless he is with her. Somewhere in New Moon Bella takes off a few days to spend time with Jacob and Edward gets worried and goes off somewhere. To find out where Edward went and what happens to him you will have to find out for yourself by reading the book.

New Moon is a breath taking, romantic, but has lots of action in the story. It is so good that it would leave fans breathless and emotional. People who read the first two books will hunger for more books about the vampire, human, and werewolves.

The book taught you things that could be used in life, it teaches you to do what you believe in and not to listen to everyone else around you. Anyone who likes romance and somewhat fictional stories with different kinds of creatures in it would love to read this story… GUYS TOO.

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