Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

April 19, 2010
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes took place during 1965 March 5th through July 28th. This story took place in a hospital where almost everything happens. The authors has many morals and life lessons.

Charie Gorden is the main character in this story. He has always wanted to be smart like all the other men, and now he gets his chance. Algernon is an intelligent white mouse that’s as smart as most humans! Miss Kinnian was Charlie’s teacher, and Charlie had a huge crush on her. Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur were the minds behind this operation, and they play a very important role.

Daniel Keyes made this story interesting when Charie beat Algernon in a race. Charlie had become smarter, but Algernon wasn’t as smart as he had been before. Charlie soon learns that being smart isn’t as great as it seems. This is when Charlie wonders if he would rather be smart or have his old life back. Daniel Keyes puts Charlie through a lot of tough decissions.

Daniel Keyes stresses that not everyone is the same, but we all have the same basic needs. He also stresses that society tends to islolate those who are different. One moral that is a lesson that everyone needs to know is treat people the way you would like to be treated. A moral that Daniel Keyes teaches the characters is everyone needs friendship. Keyes has many morals in this, and they are all very important and real to society.

In this story there are many great lessons. This book should be recommended by all great reporters. This is very organized and detailed. If you have not read this story you really should.

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Great Story!!!
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