Flowers For Algernon by Daniel Keyes

April 19, 2010
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“Flowers for Algernon” is an amazing and eventful story written by Daniel Keyes. The story takes place in the time period between March 1, 1965-July 28, 1965.

The main characters are, Charlie Gordon which is 37 years old and has a learning disability. Then, he gets an operation to be smarter and he is also the narrator.
-Algernon, a smart, white mouse which had the same operation as Charlie .
-Drs. Strauss and Nemur, strauss was the surgeon and Nemur was the researcher who found Charlie for the operation.
-Miss Kinnian, Charlie Gordon’s teacher, which Charlie asks out on a date after he realizes how pretty she is.
-Joe Carp and Frank Reilly, they are pretty much the same, they both pretend to be Charlie’s friend. But at the end of the story they both end up helping Charlie.

Charlie’s whole plot in this story in trying to beat the mouse named Algernon. The surgery then causes the mouse (which had the surgery first) to get sick and die.Charlie has problems with the numerous tests that they challenge him to.

The morals of the story is to just be happy with who you are. If you don’t like yourself, then changing it will not always satisfy you.

I like the story because, it has advanced technology . I also like it because, it teaches you to be happy with who you are. I would recommend this story to anyone that likes science fiction.

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