Flawless by Sara Shepard

April 19, 2010
By ChelseaM BRONZE, Hinton, West Virginia
ChelseaM BRONZE, Hinton, West Virginia
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In the upscale town of Rosewood Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily were once tied together by their alpha and confidant Alison. When she mysteriously went missing at a sleepover, the girls felt more relief than remorse, mostly because their dark secrets were protected. Then, the girls began to receive anonymous notes threatening to release their secrets. The notes were signed A. Sara Shepard continues the girls’ lives in her second novel Flawless, in the series Pretty Little Liars.

Alison DiLaurentis was the coveted girl in 7th grade. She knew everything about her four best friends, and also had a dirty secret of her own. The night before the last day of school, she went missing. After Ali’s disappearance, Aria Montgomery moved to Iceland. When she returned, people wondered what had made Aria grow up so fast. Spencer Hastings was known for her sister, Melissa. While following in her footsteps, Spence might’ve taken it one step too far by hooking up with Melissa’s boyfriend Wren. Hanna Marin was the chubby, wannabe kid in junior high. Then she discovered the art of bulimia, and is now the hottest thing at Rosewood high. Emily Fields always thought of herself to be the closest with Ali, mostly because they’d shared an intimate kiss. A new girl, Maya, has moved into Ali’s house, and Emily’s attraction to her is more than just friendly.

With A threatening to spill everything she knows about the girls, they decide to rekindle their friendship. They all thought the same thing, A was Alison. She was the only one they’d told their secrets to. Then, her body was discovered buried in 6 feet of concrete behind her old house. Now, the girls have to stop whoever it is blackmailing them.

The morals and theme from reading this book are mostly life lessons. The girls make a lot of wrong choices and you feel like you learn from their mistakes. Another is to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. In their battle to uncover A’s character, they are faced with many tough decisions.

I highly recommend this book, however I think it is more focused on the issues that teen girls have. Therefore, boys and adults might not find this book as exciting and addicting as I did. Shepard keeps you turning the pages to find out A’s identity.

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