Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

April 19, 2010
In Wilmington, North Carolina in 2000, a couple miles from the beach, John and his father lived in a small house. They didn’t have much money, and there was no woman around, for she had left when John was born.

John Tyree was a 17 years old in 2000, and he was rebellious and had no direction in life. He would stay out late at night drinking and having himself a good time with his friends. When he turned 18, he joined the army. John is a dynamic character.

Savannah Curtis was a very smart and kind girl. She loves animals, especially horses. Her best friend, Tim Wheddon, has a brother with a mental disorder, and Savannah always helps Tim with him. Savannah is a static character.

Tim Wheddon was a very, very kind man. He helped anyone and everyone if they needed help. He never says anything bad about anyone, and he accepts that John is in love with Savannah, too. Tim is a dynamic character.

On one of Johns army leaves, he comes back home. While he was out surfing, he met a girl named Savannah, and he thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world. They hung out almost every day for those two weeks. And in those two weeks, they fell in love.

Some themes shown in this book are; if you love something, let it go. If someone needs help, then help them, you never know when you’ll need help too. Also, no matter how much a person hurt you always respect them. Finally, if a person looks happy on the outside, their most likely not happy on the inside.

Dear John was a very enjoyable book. It was classified as a romance, which is my favorite type of books. Anyone who likes romantic books would enjoy this book.

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