The Dark Half MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Come on, Steve, you can do better than this. The Dark Half, coming after The Gunslinger and The Dark Tower, is a clear improvement over those piles of garbage, but it still is a far cry from a good book. The Dark Half is a book that is totally predictable, something deadly in the area of horror/fiction. The characters tend to blend together, and there is little dichotomy between the forces of good and evil, perhaps intentionally. The writing style, too, is flat and lifeless, lacking the spark and vision of the earlier King works, like Night Shift, The Stand and Carrie. Also, there is no build-up of suspense like there is in his other books. The plot is open and uninspired. The Dark Half is the perfect antithesis of King's most suspenseful book, Salem's Lot. Without a doubt, King could have and should have done better than this, considering all his earlier works. n

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