Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

April 14, 2010
By kreeg3 BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
kreeg3 BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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Dear John, written by Nicholas Sparks is a tragic, love story. It explains the life of a lonely man, John Tyree, who finds someone he never thought he would have a future with. He meets Savannah Curtis, and she changes John’s life forever.
John joined the army to get away from his dad, who he never had a good relationship with. When he was on leave at home in Wilmington, NC, he met a girl that he never imagined he could have a relationship with. Savannah Curtis and John grew closer together throughout John’s leave. And in that two weeks John was at home, the young adults fell in love with each other. They were constantly together, and even met each other’s family. The last thing that the two wanted was for John to go back to the army. When his time was up, they promised to write each other every day, and John promised Savannah that he would come back and they would get married. John left for his time he had left, which was only two years. He would have another leave in six months and they would be able to spend another two weeks together. Although it was hard for John to leave, he knew it was the right thing and he had no other choice. The two love birds wrote each other the whole time and loved reading the notes they received. John came back to Wilmington for his next leave, and everything with Savannah was amazing. They had a great time together, until they got into a fight. They fixed everything out, but John never thought the long term change would be what it happened to be. John went back to the army when his leave was up, and Savannah and John both thought everything would be perfect. He had nearly a year to serve and then he would be done forever. John got back to Germany, in early September. When the 11th struck, John had no other choice but to sign for another two years. He had to serve his country after 9/11, and he thought Savannah would wait for him.

John loved getting letters from Savannah; the words Dear John made those butterflies arrive every time. But the last letter he received from Savannah was not one he loved. The words he read just kept getting worse and worse. John thought he was in a dream. He could not believe what was happening to him. The letter from Savannah said that she had found someone else and that she was really sorry. She wanted him to be happy, but happy was the farthest thing from John. He was devastated for months. When John’s dad got really sick, he had to go home and take care of him. His father passed a way a week after John got back to NC. John then had nobody. Savannah was gone, his dad passed away, he didn’t have a mom. He was completely lost. After spending a week alone, he decided to take a trip that changed his life. John went to go see Savannah. He didn’t know why he was going there, because he knew that she had married. John saw Savannah and all his feelings and all his memories for her came back. John later found out that Savannah’s husband was Tim; a friend of Savannah’s all her life. John didn’t know what to do, he loved Savannah more then anything else in the world.

I read Dear John because I enjoy reading love stories. I really enjoy Sparks’ writing and I had seen the movie of Dear John. I would highly recommend reading Dear John.

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on Apr. 26 2010 at 9:16 pm
kate-the-shrew BRONZE, McCall, Idaho
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That sounds like a really good book! I was listening to Three Weeks With My Brother with my family, and it told the story of Nicholas Sparks's life. It is a really good book, but his life is completely filled with tragedy. He wrote a book about his sister who died from a brain tumor. I can't remember what it is called. Sad, sad, sad.

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